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Poker Tournaments

Poker has become a world wide experience over the recent years - everyone seems to play the game. Most people give Internet poker all credit for the flare-up in popularity, but we must not forget what tournament poker has done for the rapid growth of poker. When TV networks started to realize that airing poker tournament attracts millions of viewers, big tournaments has received a lot of media attention, the prize pools have grown enormous and the most famous poker players have become superstars.

The fact that a player can go, like someone said, "from being a chump to becoming a champ" is what makes poker tournaments so captivating. You can shell out a small entry fee to a satellite tournament and go on to win the World Series of Poker Main Event. It might be a long shot, but it is not impossible ..

If you want to win big money by playing cash games you got to play with high stakes, and if you play with high stakes you need a sizable bankroll. The rise and fall in ring games are big and to be able prevent yourself from loosing it all in just a downswing you need to play with stakes your bankroll can handle. This is not just the case in tournaments. Some of the online poker tournaments draw thousands of players, and even if the participants only buy in for a couple of dollars, the prize pools can turn out to be huge. If you want the chance to win big money, but don't want to risk a fortune, poker tournament should be your thing. Find out good freerolls, tournaments with guaranteed prize pools and other events with good value.

Our editors have listed the top tournament sites online. These poker rooms give a wide range of multi-table and sit-and-go tournaments. Many of them also offer freerolls and satellites regularly.