Freeroll Poker Tourmants

Poker Tips

Poker Tips come in handy when winning is oneís purpose. Some tips are:-

1. The check-raise is a tough move that should be used carefully. It can be used as a bluffing tool, as a semi-bluffing device, and as a defending strategy for a great hand. The first manner in which the check-raise can be used is as a bluffing tool. If a player lacks a strong opening hand, but they do have the advantage of a late position and most of the early position players have folded or checked to them and there are up to three players remaining in the round, the player can use a check-raise to start their bluff.

2. If the check-raise is called or raised at the flop and the player thinks that his opponents are also trying to bluff in this hand, they may want to again make a check-raise bet instead of backing off or folding. If the opponent(s) still donít back down, then the player will need to decide if the amount of poker chips they have already added to the pot are already way too much for them to wager, or if they feel that they have enough chips to see their bluff through until the showdown.

3. Still another way the check-raise can be used is as a semi-bluff tool. The semi-bluff check-raise can arise at the preflop to intimidate their opponents into folding out of the hand, or it can be applied to the flop thereby allowing the other players to add chips to the pot during the preflop. The advantage of using the check-raise for a semi-bluff is that if the semi-bluff makes it to the showdown, there is still a chance that the hand will be able to win the hand on its own intrinsic worth.